We’ve had a flurry of new babies among my female coworkers within the last year, but recently one of my male coworkers welcomed his first son into his family! Here is the card I made for the baby shower thrown in his honor at work: Continue reading


Welcome Jaxsten

Happy New Year!  New year, lots of new babies on the way for my friends and family!!  One of my coworkers will return shortly from her maternity leave…She actually began her leave earlier than expected so we weren’t able to throw her a baby shower before her new son was born.  We will instead welcome her back to work with a party and shower her with gifts then.  Here is the card I made on behalf of our workplace: Continue reading

Welcome Little One

I recently hosted a baby shower for one of my coworkers who is expecting her first child — a girl who she plans to name Jade!  My coworker’s favorite color is green, so I knew I wanted to incorporate green on her baby shower card somehow. Continue reading


Hello Little Prince

On March 2, 2013, I had the pleasure of serving as the maid of honor at my cousin Kristen’s wedding.  Kristen is actually the person who inspired me to delve into card making, but I have not yet given her one of my own creations.  I recently learned she is expecting her first child (a boy!) this summer. Continue reading